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What distinguishes the upholstered furniture from tfm?

timeless furniture  manufactures high-quality seating furniture for the contract and living area.

What sets us apart is certainly our particularly high quality standards.

We only use selected, noble materials and pay attention to perfect craftsmanship in the best tradition. Here we can  compare very well with the "big players" in our industry.

And our satisfied customers appreciate that.

What does the word "timeless" mean in the company name "timeless furniture"?

All tfm furniture combines a classic design language.

Elegant, reduced and timeless.

This style does not follow a short-term trend or a fast-moving fashion, it is simple with long-lasting elegance. tfm products accompany our customers for decades and remain timelessly beautiful.

Which designers do you work with?

The 6910 series from Professor Horst Brüning, for example, is very successful with a  puristic-timeless line,  which we exclusively produce at tfm.

Professor Heiliger's designs show more of the zeitgeist, but still have a down-to-earth character. Extravagance, for example, characterizes the designs by Stefania Andorlini: a design language full of harmony for the eye and for the seating experience.

Does tfm also offer other designers and architects the opportunity to create their own designs?

Architects, developers and planners attach great importance to a coherent overall concept.

Of course, the furniture should also reflect this, for example in the reception area or in the lounge.

Our upholstered furniture specialists are very experienced in implementing innovative designs with the individual signature of the architect exactly as desired.

Do you also produce furniture for the living area?

Yes, as experienced tailors we offer specialist dealers, furniture stores or studios very flexible services for everything to do with upholstered furniture.

From your own collection as a house brand to one-off production in special dimensions according to customer requirements.

Everything is possible in the private living area too.

What is for  tfm important for upholstered furniture?

The comfort, quality and appearance of a piece of seating furniture are important to us.

This applies both to models for the object sector and to furniture in  private living quarters.

We want to meet our customers' expectations of our furniture:

breathe deeply, sit comfortably and with sufficient support, relax for body and mind, an elegant and exquisite attitude towards life.

tfm Sitzmöbel vouch for this, and for many years to come.

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